ACT Interclub Meet  – 29 October 2016

Diving for success!

The “lucky last “ ACT interclub meet for the year was held at the Gunghalin Leisure Centre on Saturday 29 October.

To everyone’s great surprise, the Molonglo Water Dragons topped the pointscore for only the second time since the ACT interclub meets resumed at the beginning of 2010!

In what was a first this decade, the Molonglo water Dragons out numbered and out scored the Tuggeranong Vikings. While not as long awaited as the wins by the Chicago Cubs, Western Bulldogs and Cronulla Sharks, this result still marks a potential turning point.

There is no doubt that the Vikings were handicapped by sickness and injuries plus unknown other reasons, but nevertheless it was heartening to watch the turnout and performances of the usually submissive Water Dragons.

How did the Water Dragons win?

First by having almost twice as many swimmers, and then because 10 of those who competed swam in their maximum of three individual events. The more events we swim in the more points we score no matter what time we swim.

It was heartening to have swimmers from all five of our venues competing together. The men’s turnout from Queanbeyan Pool was particularly good with Tim Booth, Chris Loose, Tim Mather, and Matt Piroglu, but unfortunately none of the women competed in this meet. Jenny Bruce from the AIS and Gunghalin Pools swam in the 50m butterfly, while Geoff Llewellyn from CISAC and the AIS swam the three freestyle events. Civic and Gunghalin were represented by Ross Burden, John Collis, Kelly Harper, Marg Larkin, Nik Manassiev, and Mary-Liz Partridge. Those who just swim at Civic were Peter Coggins, Paul Maggs, Gary Stutsel (also CISAC) and Clara Walker.

Our numbers really helped in the relays where we were able to win three of the four events swum. We welcomed two first year girls to the winning Women’s 160-199 team in Kelly Harper and Clara Walker who were backed up by long time stalwarts Marg Larkin and Mary-Liz Partridge. For the men Queanbeyan swimmers Tim Booth, Chris Loose, Tim Mather and Matt Piroglu won the 200-239 age group, while Geoff Llewellyn, Paul Maggs, Nik Manassiev and Gary Stutsel won the 280-319 event.

All three teams, plus 13 of our individual swimmers, swam times that place them in the current 2016 NSW Top 10 for their age group.

The current NSW Top 10 placings with only three meets left before the end of this year are in alphabetical order:

Tim Booth      200m Freestyle       6                 100m Freestyle        8

Ross Burden  200m Freestyle       9                50m Butterfly          9    100m Breaststroke  6

John Collis       50m Backstroke    7                50m Breaststroke   4    100m Breaststroke  6

Kelly Harper  200m Breaststroke 4                50m Freestyle         7      50m Butterfly          6

NSW Top 10 Places 2016 continued:

Geoff Llewellyn 200m Freestyle    2     50m Freestyle        5    100m Freestyle        3

Paul Maggs         200m Freestyle      8     50m Freestyle        9

Nik Manassiev   200m Freestyle      9     50m Freestyle        6    100m Freestyle        7

Tim Mather         50m Backstroke    2     50m Freestyle      7    100m Freestyle        6

Mary-Liz Partridge                                     200m Backstroke     8       50m Backstroke    9

Matt Piroglu        50m Freestyle             50m Butterfly      2     100m Freestyle       2

Gary Stutsel      200m Breaststroke 5     50m Freestyle        4     100m Backstroke   3

Clara Walker       50m Breaststroke 4  100m Breaststroke 3

Women’s 4 x 50m Freestyle 160-199   7

Men’s        4 x 50m Freestyle 200-239   5

Men’s        4 x 50m Freestyle 280-319   7

 The full results with times and placings:

As usual most of the timekeeping was done by the swimmers between their races, while two of our swimmers helped with the officiating (John Collis, Judge of Stroke and Gary Stutsel Meet Director and assistant Referee). Two other competitors, Peter Coggins and Marg Larkin did a great job of organising bites and refreshments for the afternoon.

Especially pleasing was the help given by our non competing members who gave up their afternoon for the rest of us. They were Carol Croce (Timekeeper), Lenny Partridge (Results), Audrey Stutsel (Marshal), Marg Wade (Entries Collector and Marshal), and Les Worthington (Warm-up Supervisor and Timekeeper).

The meet could not have been held without the help Tuggeranong members Annette Britten (who compiled the entries and results) and Caroline Makin who prepared the program. Tuggeranong also provided the bulk of the competition officials, namely Leisa Cass, Mandy Coggins, Jeanette Droop, Bill Eversham, Scott Makin, Ann Reid, Peter Sharman and Anne Smyth. As you can see from this list Molonglo has a long way to go in the training of competition officials to catch up to Tuggeranong.

We were very fortunate to have Sydney club referees Jodie Burke and Peter McGee to make sure we all swam to the rules.

A very big thank you to all who participated and especially to Mary-Liz who organised dinner after the swim at the Gunghalin Raiders Club.

All of the above results and participation gives us a strong foundation to build on for next year’s Masters Swimming NSW Short Course Championships which will be held at the AIS Pool on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 2017.

Gary Stutsel, Meet Director