20 to 23 April 2022

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics may have been delayed until 2021 but we can go one better. The MSA National Championships, Sydney 2020 were delayed first until 2021 and then finally held in 2022!

And the winner was Tuggeranong Vikings! With the help of three of our men Tuggeranong outscored 83 other clubs to be top scoring club in Australia. The Vikings had the second largest team (34) to Warringah’s (36) but scored more points!

549 Australians and 1 Canadian entered the 29 events that were contested at the Sydney Olympic Pool, Homebush Bay, over four days from Wednesday to Saturday. Events ranged from 25m to 800m and included the 100m, 200m and 400m individual medley as the meet was swum over the short course distance of 25 metres. There were also 4x 50 m relays in Freestyle and Medley for teams of 4 women, 4 men and 2 women + 2 men (mixed).

Five Molonglo men competed, two under the Molonglo banner (NCN) and three who swam as second claim members for Tuggeranong (NTN) so they could compete in relay teams as well as individual events. Tim Booth and Nik Manassiev swam as Molonglo and John Collis, Kurt Gruber and Michael Peedom swam for Tuggeranong. John (10 events plus relays) and Kurt (9 plus relays) were our iron men, while our most successful swimmer was Michael. Competing in his first meet Michael won a gold, a silver, and three bronze medals to win a medal in everyone of his five individual events. Other medal winners were John with two silver plus two bronze and Kurt with a gold and two bronze.

Tim Booth       70-74 Men

100m Freestyle1:19.687th4
200m Freestyle3:02.179th2
400m Freestyle6:24.735th6
800m Freestyle13:09.776th5
Total points 17

John Collis       70-74 Men

  25m Freestyle17.6012th1
  50m Freestyle38.2814th1
  25m Backstroke21.095th6
  50m Backstroke45.696th5
  25m Breaststroke18.465th6
  50m Breaststroke40.292nd9
100m Breaststroke1:33.712nd9
200m Breaststroke3:29.694th7
  25m Butterfly18.485th6
100m Medley1:32.086th5
Total points 55

Kurt Gruber      40-44 Men

  50m Freestyle29.6016th1
  25m Backstroke15.344th7
  50m Backstroke32.403rd8
100m Backstroke1:14.825th6
200m Backstroke2:55.033rd8
  25m Breaststroke14.368th3
  50m Breaststroke36.195th6
  25m Butterfly14.368th3
  50m Butterfly31.127th4
Total points 46

Nik Manassiev    60-64 Men

100m Freestyle1:24.709th2
400m Freestyle5:56.675th6
100m Medley1:12.2510th1
200m Medley3:07.817th4
Total points 13

Michael Peedom 75-79 Men

  25m Freestyle17.313rd8
  50m Freestyle37.733rd8
100m Freestyle1:25.031st10
200m Freestyle3:20.343rd8
400m Freestyle7:20.342nd9
Total points 43

Photos show Tim on the left and John on the right flanking Marg and John Collis in lane 8 at the start of the 100m Breaststroke with Katrina Burgess of our sister club Tuggeranong Vikings in lane 7.