Early on it looked like that nameless group frequently listed on concert flyers (Many More) would be competing at the State Championships, however most seem to have sunk along the way and just three of our senior men ventured to Homebush for the 2023 Long Course Championships. Swimming on both Saturday and Sunday of the weekend before Easter, John Collis, Tim Mather and Mike Peedom all succeeded in gaining medals. A credit to their training, our coaches and the club!

Their individual swims are listed below. Of the three only Mike is going on to compete in the National Championships in Hobart in mid-April.

Rumour has it that Many (More) will re-surface for the Relay Championships in July, that are also to be held at Homebush. Events will be conducted over a 25m course and will all be four-member relay teams as follows; 4x25m, 4x50m and 4x100m in both all  four freestyle and medley, which is backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and then freestyle. Races will be for 4 women, 4 men and mixed teams, that is two women and two men.

Let us hope we are able to reproduce the form we showed at the 2022 LC meet held at the AIS last Octobe. Then our six relay teams swam a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th and a 6th. We could do even better as each swimmer can compete in up to 5 teams.

Alternatively, if we have only a handful of swimmers it will be better to join forces with our sister club the Tuggeranong Vikings.