Ode to Johnny Collis – Water dragon legend!

draginheadNow our Johnny Collis was champing at the bit

To try out his luck at the State Championships

So off to SOPAC our Johnny did go

Hoping his opposite numbers were slow

His best stroke was breaststroke and boy was he keen

He flew down the pool like a thrashing machine

His 50 was fine and his 100 came home

But the 200 metres saw him come undone

His goggles filled up and his race plan was gone

So he stopped at halfway saying this ain’t no fun

His double arm backstroke it troubled him none

And the 50 butterfly, well he finished that one

At the end of the day he’d four medals to show

All of them bronze, but he won’t let them go

Now some say that bronze is the colour of poo

But Hey, what the heck, any medal will do.

So all of you swimmers, come on try your luck

You might win a medal, but if not, WTF!